The Good, The Bad, and the Lonely

We embrace singleness: the good, the bad, and the lonely.

The philosophy here is simple: Your relationship status does not dictate your happiness or worthiness. Single is not a bad word. Single and taken people are equals. All single people are not bitter. Individual success is not determined by whether someone wants to be in love with you or not.

People have associated singleness and single people with negative stigmas for way too long. Singleness needs to be normalized, not stigmatized. Being in a relationship doesn’t make you a relationship expert. Being single doesn’t mean you can’t speak about your experiences in dating and love.

We are taking back what it means to be single. Singles are happy and fulfilled people who do not need a pity party (or to be set up with every random stranger our friends come across). Whether you are actively dating, trying out online apps, just getting over someone, or just want a good laugh about dating woes: your friend is here!

Stay tuned for Listen to Your Single Friend, the book!

Hi, I'm Jazmine Karess

Hi, I'm Jazmine Karess