Hi, I'm Jazmine Karess!

Hi, I'm Jazmine Karess!

As a wedding planner, Jazmine enjoys all things events and love-related.

Living a happy life as a single woman who was actively dating was almost unheard of! Single people are supposed to be miserable and bitter, waiting to be saved. Jazmine felt like her life and those around her just didn’t fit this misconception. She was living her best life!

As the self-proclaimed “Resident Single Friend” she often found herself dishing out considerable advice to taken and dating friends. Too often people say “Don’t listen to your single friends” and she decided that there needed to be a shift in the culture.

She often questioned why single people were dismissed from the advice industry. She wondered why we only determined someone as successful or worthy of giving advice when they were partnered? What does a SUCCESSFUL single person look like?

Then when seeking advice herself, too often Jazmine found that the dating advice arena was bombarded by married people who hadn’t even seen a dating app! Or worse, people were exploiting single women who they deemed desperate or less than. Blanket statements about “loving yourself” or “don’t settle” didn’t really help when looking for practical advice to manage dating day-to-day.

As she navigated her own dating life she realized that all her triumphs and tribulations had amazing learning lessons and were worth sharing. She wanted other women to be confident in who they were, empowered in their dating lives, and learn from her mistakes and wins. Thus Jazmine began writing Listen To Your Single Friend in the summer of 2018.

When not writing or running Jazmine Karess Events, she enjoys champagne, traveling, and all things Harry Potter and Hamilton.